Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Beautiful lace curtains can decorate your room well

A beautiful lace curtain(http://www.curtainsmarket.com/lace-curtains-c-5_19.html), not only to add a lot of fun in the home, but also can make different decoration style. But the lace curtains of the price gap is a problem. From tens to hundreds of dollars, uneven, how to rational consumption? Get the maximum value with the minimum input.
Shaped window is relatively common in the house, such as circular, inconvenient installation of lace curtain. Thanks to the flexible track design, can let the lace curtains on the windows to the shape of dovetail, do, opening and closing are very easy.
Lace curtains
Choose cloth, must take into account their own towards the window. The windows facing south, day lighting is good, gauze, thin cotton or silk cloth is appropriate. North of the room, often cold and grey, should choose warm color and some heavier lace curtains, increasing the temperature. If there is to the east or west window at home, so the most important is to use sun shading lace curtain. Sunshade lace curtain is able to block light, but also to maintain the indoor brightness, make full use of natural light to illuminate the room. Next to the downtown district window, night lights, billboards, light is also very strong, in order to have a good sleep, need some thick lace curtains.
Flat open lace curtain is one of the most common patterns. Simple, without any decoration, size randomly, suspension and tension can lift, suitable for most windows. According to the width of the window lace curtain, the design for the side pull and dual side pull, general boundaries for reference to 1.5 meters. Lift the lace curtain lace curtain can be up to one side or both sides, forming a beautiful arc, making a good decorative effect, also can mix and match a variety of accessories. With head lace curtain style make up a bit more complicated, but better decorative effect, it can block between the rough and the lace curtain lace curtain rail at the top and the roof space is pretty neat.
lace curtains
Connection between the lace curtain and lace curtain rod, there are many ways: direct drilling on cloth, easy to pull back and forth; lateral bag form, the front looks beautiful, but because of the friction between the cloth and the bar, especially the bag size and the diameter of the rod like, pull back and forth more difficult; tape form is simple, suitable for relatively thin fabric; lace, also not good, usually do not often only suitable for decorative windows. Best buy lace curtain Rings, so easy to open and is convenient for change.