Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The comparison between PBS and PLA degradable plastic

There are some similar products as PBS, such as PBSA, PBAT and PLA and so on. The elongation at break of PBSA, but distortion temperature is about 65 degree, the film forming property of PBAT is good and normally used in blown film, but its distortion temperature is between 50 degree to 55 degree and price is expansive. Compared with them, products of PBS have better heat resistance and can make with temperature between -30 degree to 100 degree and can resistant boiling water temperature, it has a wider application and more convenient to storage,transport and use in hotter environment, such as sea transportation. Compared with PLA, PBS has better tenacity and thermal endurance than PLA, but PLA has better hardness and transparency. These two kinds of products have their own specialty in mechanical property. But in application area, processability and storage and other aspects. PBS has significant advantages.

Firstly, PBS has higher softening point, has wider application. Its usage temperature range is between -30 to 100 degrees.

Secondly, PBS has excellent processability, it can be processed directly in normal polyolefin processing equipment and suitable to injection molding extrusion and blow molding and other normal and special processing method.

Thirdly PBS can be easy to storage.PBS is typical biodegradable material, it can be degraded by enough germ. So in daily use, it can not be degraded without solid which contain rich germ, natural water.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Striped curtain can an ice on cake for your home decoration

Some people prefer to decorate their home to be simple elegant as much as they can because they do not love a fancy room style. It is very easy to do. After all home renovation work have finished, curtain selection coming to next. It is a little bit difficult to choose curtain for home decor cause there are to many curtain styles in the market. It might spend much time to choose a right one from the variety choices. Striped curtains are best idea to fit your simple elegant room style.
There are lots of curtains in the market and curtain styles changing every moment. What you need to do is just according to your room usage to do your final choice. Different curtain has different usage and the same to curtain pattern. Fabric floral curtain, solid curtain or striped curtain can be used for simple elegant room style for home decoration. But keep in mind, although striped curtain is mostly simple in design, there are many things you need to consider to when doing striped curtain so that you can have a great appearance for home decor finally.
Fresh Light Blue Waves
There are mostly the elders buying striped curtain for home decor for those people are prefer to quiet and simple color instead of fancy fashion pattern. Therefor, striped curtains are best for elders. And those simple elegant room style. Some simple solid curtains are good at light absorption and blackout quality.
Because of striped curtain are mostly go with solid color which you need to consider to when doing home renovation. Make sure striped curtain can fit any furniture in your room to get a good collocation in the end. Striped curtains can be an ice on cake for interior decoration.