Friday, November 6, 2015

Plaid curtains-simple and elegant

Plaid is classical pattern, it looks simple but elegant. Plaid curtain is also a good choice for people to decorate their room. It can give people a feeling of nous and tidy. Plaid curtains can make your room looks more simple and elegant. It is very suitable for mature and rational people. Of course if you are a grid style, plaid curtains are the best choice for you to decorate your nest.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Changeable room style with printed floral curtain for home decoration

The most important thing of home renovation is decoration selection. Curtain being one of home decoration, good decorative quality provides a perfect overall coordination if there is perfect curtain for interior decoration. Lots of customers nowadays prefer to printed floral curtain for home decor for which they thought that floral curtain is all-matched curtain that can fit any room style, and create an unbelievable decorative achievement.
Printed floral curtain is your first choice for home decoration
Most customers might confuse and have no idea what curtain is his right choice when there are to many curtain styles in the curtain market. To solve the problem, printed floral curtain can easily solve your problem and decorates a more quality noble home style for home. There are floral curtain for your choice with metal hook top construction. If your room is pastoral design idea, lotus floral patterned curtain or lily floral curtain is good for your home decoration. In a word, floral curtain perform more and more functional for home decoration and be loved by more and more young people.
Cartoon Patterns Colorful Yellow and Purple
How to select a right floral curtain for home decoration
The main point to make room become more attractive and charming, floor color is the key point when doing floral curtain selection. If there is dark colored floor, floral curtain color as much as possible close to floor color to get a perfect coordination. Better those floral curtain in gradient color which enhances the overall appearance that better for cleaning and maintenance. Finished an unique and characterize.
Pattern curtains are cheaper than others, but it being an important decorative feature for home decoration. If you are doing home renovation, have a try decorate your home with such kind of floral curtain, which might be an ice on cake for your home decor.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The comparison between PBS and PLA degradable plastic

There are some similar products as PBS, such as PBSA, PBAT and PLA and so on. The elongation at break of PBSA, but distortion temperature is about 65 degree, the film forming property of PBAT is good and normally used in blown film, but its distortion temperature is between 50 degree to 55 degree and price is expansive. Compared with them, products of PBS have better heat resistance and can make with temperature between -30 degree to 100 degree and can resistant boiling water temperature, it has a wider application and more convenient to storage,transport and use in hotter environment, such as sea transportation. Compared with PLA, PBS has better tenacity and thermal endurance than PLA, but PLA has better hardness and transparency. These two kinds of products have their own specialty in mechanical property. But in application area, processability and storage and other aspects. PBS has significant advantages.

Firstly, PBS has higher softening point, has wider application. Its usage temperature range is between -30 to 100 degrees.

Secondly, PBS has excellent processability, it can be processed directly in normal polyolefin processing equipment and suitable to injection molding extrusion and blow molding and other normal and special processing method.

Thirdly PBS can be easy to storage.PBS is typical biodegradable material, it can be degraded by enough germ. So in daily use, it can not be degraded without solid which contain rich germ, natural water.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Striped curtain can an ice on cake for your home decoration

Some people prefer to decorate their home to be simple elegant as much as they can because they do not love a fancy room style. It is very easy to do. After all home renovation work have finished, curtain selection coming to next. It is a little bit difficult to choose curtain for home decor cause there are to many curtain styles in the market. It might spend much time to choose a right one from the variety choices. Striped curtains are best idea to fit your simple elegant room style.
There are lots of curtains in the market and curtain styles changing every moment. What you need to do is just according to your room usage to do your final choice. Different curtain has different usage and the same to curtain pattern. Fabric floral curtain, solid curtain or striped curtain can be used for simple elegant room style for home decoration. But keep in mind, although striped curtain is mostly simple in design, there are many things you need to consider to when doing striped curtain so that you can have a great appearance for home decor finally.
Fresh Light Blue Waves
There are mostly the elders buying striped curtain for home decor for those people are prefer to quiet and simple color instead of fancy fashion pattern. Therefor, striped curtains are best for elders. And those simple elegant room style. Some simple solid curtains are good at light absorption and blackout quality.
Because of striped curtain are mostly go with solid color which you need to consider to when doing home renovation. Make sure striped curtain can fit any furniture in your room to get a good collocation in the end. Striped curtains can be an ice on cake for interior decoration.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Four kinds of bran-new and contemporary curtains, make top romantic space

Curtains can be divided into different types, contemporary curtain ( is more popular by modern young people. This kind of curtain with high technology has strong practicality. Let's use four kinds of contemporary curtains to make romantic space.


Firstly, simple European curtains. This kind of curtain use European classical pattern, however weave, fabric and color is modern. It is suitable for simple European family. This kind of curtain better hang on the villa because of its big aura.

Secondly, classical European curtains. If you like classical style, you must like this kind of classical European curtain. No matter pure European style or thick material, they both look very noble. Delicate appearance and exquisite line show the curtains are unique.

Thirdly, British country curtains. Red rose is not only festival, but also full of romance and sweet. In the sun , the curtains sway with the wind can make your living room full of romance. Of course, if you like it, you can also hang on the bedroom.

Fourthly, fresh big flower. This kind of contemporary can make your home bright. Soft fabric and smooth line is very suitable for modern apartment. The design is very simple, so it is suitable for modern people simple style. Fresh design can make room have country view.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Green curtains, bring blue-white life

The air quality is worse and worse, there is more and more dust in air. People yearn for green life, in fact, a simple green curtains can make your life green.


Everyone knows green has many meanings. First, it can represent brisk life. Different degree of green color can represent different meaning. Verdancy represents now life and puny situation so that show dogged life and active growth. Viridity show active life so that can make people feel positive. Dark green represent mature. At the same time, green can make people feel peaceful and comfortable.

With the environment become worse and worse, people need to wear a respirator to go outside, but it is not convenient in home, especially in summer, weather is dry. It will make people feel anxious in summer. There is a kind of green curtain can solve this problem. Green curtains have crafty design so that can stop dust into home. At the same time, it can make people feel fresh and comfortable.

You can feel fresh air and healthy life in bedroom with green curtains.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Modern window curtains-a good choice to decorate room

Modern window curtain usually uses simple and fashion pattern, it can make your room looks fashion and cool. Modern window curtains manly extrude master character and hobbies. Normally modern window curtains take the young likes and fashion as the principal things. So, it is a good choice to decorate room and make room more modern and cool.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bay window curtains can show your elegant taste

If the room is not bright enough, cloth quality organizations more unusual, with geometry of printed cloth curtain, and at the same time, pattern on the curtain try to and wall coverings unified, this can let people's vision of a more open. In addition, pick the reflective sheen of cloth to decorate the walls, ceilings and wood furniture can also play a complementary role.

Join a room appear space, then can choose to soft, fluffy material, with ceiling light texture of materials to decorate the floor, walls and windows is a large selection of contrast material, or in striking place, the bright color of the bay window curtain, bedspread, which contrasts sharply with the floors and walls. Change the room empty, boring.

bay window curtains
bay window curtains

The room seemed too short. To use strong color contrast vertical stripes and patterns to decorate the walls and windows. Too narrow by horizontal stripes and decorated walls and curtains. At both ends of the narrow use striking patterns, can use material contrast, as in a wood shop, linen carpet the ground upper berth soft carpet.

Collocation: space with different style of fabric. Specifically, the first choice of fabric curtains to establish a unified big effect according to the room decoration color and style. According to the specific use of each room to determine the best mix of curtain fabric. According to the different functions of the room, the choice of colors, patterns of different curtains.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Beautiful lace curtains can decorate your room well

A beautiful lace curtain(, not only to add a lot of fun in the home, but also can make different decoration style. But the lace curtains of the price gap is a problem. From tens to hundreds of dollars, uneven, how to rational consumption? Get the maximum value with the minimum input.
Shaped window is relatively common in the house, such as circular, inconvenient installation of lace curtain. Thanks to the flexible track design, can let the lace curtains on the windows to the shape of dovetail, do, opening and closing are very easy.
Lace curtains
Choose cloth, must take into account their own towards the window. The windows facing south, day lighting is good, gauze, thin cotton or silk cloth is appropriate. North of the room, often cold and grey, should choose warm color and some heavier lace curtains, increasing the temperature. If there is to the east or west window at home, so the most important is to use sun shading lace curtain. Sunshade lace curtain is able to block light, but also to maintain the indoor brightness, make full use of natural light to illuminate the room. Next to the downtown district window, night lights, billboards, light is also very strong, in order to have a good sleep, need some thick lace curtains.
Flat open lace curtain is one of the most common patterns. Simple, without any decoration, size randomly, suspension and tension can lift, suitable for most windows. According to the width of the window lace curtain, the design for the side pull and dual side pull, general boundaries for reference to 1.5 meters. Lift the lace curtain lace curtain can be up to one side or both sides, forming a beautiful arc, making a good decorative effect, also can mix and match a variety of accessories. With head lace curtain style make up a bit more complicated, but better decorative effect, it can block between the rough and the lace curtain lace curtain rail at the top and the roof space is pretty neat.
lace curtains
Connection between the lace curtain and lace curtain rod, there are many ways: direct drilling on cloth, easy to pull back and forth; lateral bag form, the front looks beautiful, but because of the friction between the cloth and the bar, especially the bag size and the diameter of the rod like, pull back and forth more difficult; tape form is simple, suitable for relatively thin fabric; lace, also not good, usually do not often only suitable for decorative windows. Best buy lace curtain Rings, so easy to open and is convenient for change.