Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bay window curtains can show your elegant taste

If the room is not bright enough, cloth quality organizations more unusual, with geometry of printed cloth curtain, and at the same time, pattern on the curtain try to and wall coverings unified, this can let people's vision of a more open. In addition, pick the reflective sheen of cloth to decorate the walls, ceilings and wood furniture can also play a complementary role.

Join a room appear space, then can choose to soft, fluffy material, with ceiling light texture of materials to decorate the floor, walls and windows is a large selection of contrast material, or in striking place, the bright color of the bay window curtain, bedspread, which contrasts sharply with the floors and walls. Change the room empty, boring.

bay window curtains
bay window curtains

The room seemed too short. To use strong color contrast vertical stripes and patterns to decorate the walls and windows. Too narrow by horizontal stripes and decorated walls and curtains. At both ends of the narrow use striking patterns, can use material contrast, as in a wood shop, linen carpet the ground upper berth soft carpet.

Collocation: space with different style of fabric. Specifically, the first choice of fabric curtains to establish a unified big effect according to the room decoration color and style. According to the specific use of each room to determine the best mix of curtain fabric. According to the different functions of the room, the choice of colors, patterns of different curtains.