Monday, August 24, 2015

Four kinds of bran-new and contemporary curtains, make top romantic space

Curtains can be divided into different types, contemporary curtain ( is more popular by modern young people. This kind of curtain with high technology has strong practicality. Let's use four kinds of contemporary curtains to make romantic space.


Firstly, simple European curtains. This kind of curtain use European classical pattern, however weave, fabric and color is modern. It is suitable for simple European family. This kind of curtain better hang on the villa because of its big aura.

Secondly, classical European curtains. If you like classical style, you must like this kind of classical European curtain. No matter pure European style or thick material, they both look very noble. Delicate appearance and exquisite line show the curtains are unique.

Thirdly, British country curtains. Red rose is not only festival, but also full of romance and sweet. In the sun , the curtains sway with the wind can make your living room full of romance. Of course, if you like it, you can also hang on the bedroom.

Fourthly, fresh big flower. This kind of contemporary can make your home bright. Soft fabric and smooth line is very suitable for modern apartment. The design is very simple, so it is suitable for modern people simple style. Fresh design can make room have country view.

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